Step 3: Partner and Connect

Working with partners is vital to building an age-friendly community.

Below is a handy table that will help you brainstorm prospective partners in your community who align with your age-friendly plans. Remember to create a positive partnership you need to explain how it will benefit both parties involved.

Symbiotic partnerships are likely to be more productive and cohesive with planning and implementation stages.

Identifying and Approaching Prospective Partners (QLD Government, 2020, p.15)

Action Explanation Your Examples
1. Review your organisation. Identify where partnerships could assist.
2. Identify your assets. This could be your staff, your products, your services: whatever you have to offer.
3. Review customers and identify prospective partners. Use a customer journey to highlight potential partnerships and brainstorm partners.
4. Match assets to need for prospective partners. Identify the mutual benefit for you and your prospective partners and consider realistic offerings.
5. Prepare a one page ‘pitch’. Approach your prospective partners.
6. Prepare a partnership agreement. Incorporate review and evaluation.



– QLD Government. (2020). Queensland: An age-friendly community toolkit.