Step 1: Baseline Needs Assessment and Checklists

The first step is to self-assess what the existing health and community services available in your city or town.

There are many useful tools available to help with this process including the World Health Organisation Age-Friendly Cities Guide (WHO, 2007, p.71) and Queensland’s “An age-friendly community toolkit” (QLD Government, 2017, p.32).

WHO Community and Health Services Checklist (WHO, 2007, p.71)

Action Questions Check (Yes or No) and give examples
Service Accessibility Are the health and social services distributed across the city in convenient locations and can be reached by all types of transportation?
Are there purposeful dwellings for older residents including residential aged care and nursing homes that are located close to health and social services?
Are the services safely constructed and accessible for people with disabilities?
Is there clear and accessible information provided about the health and social services

for older people?

Are the services coordinated and delivered with a minimum bureaucracy?
Do the administrative and service personnel treat older people with respect and sensitivity?
Are the economic barriers impeding access to health and community support services kept to a minimum?
Are burial sites designed with adequate access?
Offer of Services Is there an adequate range of health and community services available?
Are there adequate home care services including health services, personal care, and housekeeping available?
Are the needs and concerns of older people being addressed through these services?
Do the staff have training and skills in age friendly health services?
Voluntary Support Are volunteers supported to assist older people in the community?
Emergency Planning and Care Does emergency planning consider the needs and capacities in preparing for and responding to emergencies with older people?



Queensland: An Age-Friendly Community Toolkit- Health Services Checklist (QLD, 2017, p32)


Question Check (Yes/No) and give examples

Are there specific health and community support services available to help older people in the community?


Are health services providing services that are equitable for older people? For example, vaccination programs or exercise programs for older people.

Do you offer an outreach service to older people who are at risk of isolation?  





– WHO. (2007). Global Age-Friendly Cities: A Guide.

– QLD Government. (2017). Queensland: an age-friendly community.