Shade and Age-Friendly Design

Case Studies:

Existing Shade and Age Friendly Designs in SEQ

For this case study we asked a panel of experts to review images we had taken of existing shade structures in public areas around South East Queensland (SEQ). The panel was asked to evaluate the quality of shade, accessibility and how age-friendly it would be for senior citizens to use.

The purpose of this case study was to develop prompts for professional discussion on designing age-friendly shaded places in Queensland.

The program was generously funded through the Age Friendly Community Grants from the Department of Communities, Disability Services and Seniors.

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Tips and Resources:

Age Friendly Design Principles

Image 16


Designing age friendly communities considers a number of principles to encourage active, healthy and inclusive lifestyles. Here you will find a list of tools and resources on current design principles from the QLD Government and WHO.

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Age Friendly Outdoor Spaces: A Handy Guide (pdf booklet)


This downloadable booklet provides handy tips to protect your skin from the sun and to choose shade and age friendly locations when out and about in Queensland.

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Visual Examples of Good and Poor Shade Design

A series of images taken around Queensland, some boasting very good sun-protective shade design while others are lacking.

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