Built Shade

Find useful tips and studies that will help create built shade that will protect the public from sun exposure.

Shade and Age-Friendly Design

This is where you will find different projects with the purpose of increasing effective shade and the age-friendliness of public spaces.

Upcoming Shade Summit

We are working on bringing you a Shade Summit that will help bring together researchers, architects, designers, government officials, and non-for-profit organisations to talk about how effective shade can be incorporated into Queensland. Register your interest here.

Case Studies

A list of case studies aimed at providing more information on what Queensland can do to become Cool and Covered.

Effective Tree Shade

ADOSP funding awarded by University of Southern Queensland

Cool and Covered Sport

We’re looking to collaborate with key Queensland sports organisations and help Queensland lead the way in building active, sun protected, healthy communities through evidence based, locally driven, locally relevant strategies. For more information email us at

Sun Protective Apparel

You will find the standards for sun-safe apparel and research reports on rethinking sun-safe apparel here.

Cool and Covered Local Government

Official guidelines to help understand and create the most effective shade for your locations. We have also added an Audit Tool to help analyse your chosen area and determine what shade structures would offer the best shade solutions.

Cool and Covered Training and Events

Here you will find a list of training services we provide to help understand the nuances of sun-safe shade design.